The purpose of St. Clement of Rome Parish is to foster and enhance a spirit of community among its members, community which returns its gifts to God in a primary way through worship in the Eucharist and which shares its faith through witness, actions, ministries and prayers.

  • Pastoral Staff

    Rev. John Slobig, Pastor
    Rev. Mark Harrington, Parochial Vicar

    Retired Clergy

    Rev. Henry Dahl
    Rev. Raymond Greco, O.S.B
    Rev. Michael Minogue


    Lee Beatrice
    Irving Dennis
    Stan Giza
    Mike Phelan

    Coordinator of Ministries

    Gail Davis

    Dir. of Liturgy/Music

    Paul Yoder

  • Gallery

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  • My Dear Parishioners:
    A Place of Shelter

    “Hide me in the shadow of Your wings”. (Psalm 17:8)

    I need a place to hide - a place “apart” where I can reflect, where I can re-establish priorities, treasure all You’ve gifted me with, question and clarify who You are to me, what You are doing in and through me, what You wish I’d let You do.

    Is there a place more perfect to hide than “in the shadow of Your wings”? I treasure that shadow as much as the people of old, who placed their sick by the roadside in hopes that, as You passed by, Your shadow would be cast on them.

    I need not do even that. There is no need to search for Your shadow; no need to travel distant lands or visit hallowed shrines; for I walk, sleep, breathe, LIVE in the shadow of Your outstretched arms. It is really Your face I seek. But, until You come to call me home, I am content to take refuge in the shadow of Your wings.
    Praise be to God, my solace, Amen.
    Until next time,
    Fr. John

  • Parish Boundaries

    St. Clement of Rome Parish is bounded to the north by Bell Road (between the Agua Fria River and 99th Avenue, and between 91st Ave and the New River) and Greenway Road (between 99th and 91st Avenues), to the east by 99th Avenue (between Bell Road and Greenway Road) and the New River (between Bell Road and Grand Avenue), to the south by Grand Avenue (between the Agua Fria River and the New River), and to the west by the Agua Fria River (between Bell Road and Grand Avenue), and 91st Avenue between Bell Road and Greenway Road).