• Pastoral Staff

    Rev. E.C. “Bud” Pelletier, Jr., Pastor
    Rev. Julius Kayiwa, Parochial Vicar

    Retired Clergy

    Rev. Henry Dahl
    Rev. Raymond Greco, O.S.B
    Rev. Michael Minogue


    Lee Beatrice
    Irving Dennis
    Stan Giza
    Mike Phelan
    Ken Wedge
    Lee Kloft

    Coordinator of Ministries

    Gail Davis

    Dir. of Liturgy/Music

    Paul Yoder

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  • Deanery
    Dear Sisters and Brothers in Jesus,
    Beginning July 1, 2017, I will have an additional job.  I will remain here as pastor, but the Bishop has asked me to be the Dean of this area of the diocese, which we cleverly call, the Northwest Deanery (because it is in the Northwest part of Phoenix).  There are 14 parishes in the deanery, which covers mostly Peoria, western Glendale, the Sun Cities, and Surprise.
    The role of the Dean covers several things, but mostly I am to be a representative from the Bishop to the priests of this area, and vice-versa.  I will also help the Bishop in some small administrative matters in the diocese.  This appointment is for five years with one five year renewal possible.  The current Dean is Fr. Mike Straley, pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Glendale.  He has served as a Dean for 10 years, so the Bishop asked the local priests to recommend a new Dean.  Several of the local priests recommended me, but I'm not sure if that is a vote of confidence, or they just wanted someone else to get the additional work!  By the way, no additional salary comes with the additional work.
    Another title for a Dean is Vicar Forane (Forane means "of an area") and sometimes in the Catholic Sun and other diocese publications you see the initials V.F. after the Dean's name.  To help in some of the administrative tasks, the Bishop will assign a Deacon as an assistant.  This Deacon might be assigned to this parish, but might not since we already have several wonderful Deacons assisting us.
    This is in addition to the other extra jobs I already have as the Spiritual Advisor to the Diocesan Council of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the Chaplain of Legatus (a group for Catholic CEO's), and the Secretary of the Priest Assurance Association (the priests' retirement fund).  It does mean that I'll have to attend more meetings every month.
    I am reminded of two quotes from St. Teresa of Avila from her prayers to God:
    ·         "I know you never give us more than we can handle, but I wish you didn't trust me so much!"
    ·         "When we accept what happens to us and make the best of it, we are praising God!"
    I’m usually good at saying NO, but when the Bishop asks . . .
    May God continue to bless and prosper our lives.
    Fr. Bud

  • Parish Boundaries

    St. Clement of Rome Parish is bounded to the north by Bell Road (between the Agua Fria River and 99th Avenue, and between 91st Ave and the New River) and Greenway Road (between 99th and 91st Avenues), to the east by 99th Avenue (between Bell Road and Greenway Road) and the New River (between Bell Road and Grand Avenue), to the south by Grand Avenue (between the Agua Fria River and the New River), and to the west by the Agua Fria River (between Bell Road and Grand Avenue), and 91st Avenue between Bell Road and Greenway Road).