• Pastoral Staff

    Rev. E.C. “Bud” Pelletier, Jr., Pastor
    Rev. Julius Kayiwa, Parochial Vicar

    Retired Clergy

    Rev. Henry Dahl
    Rev. Raymond Greco, O.S.B
    Rev. Michael Minogue


    Lee Beatrice
    Irving Dennis
    Stan Giza
    Mike Phelan
    Ken Wedge
    Lee Kloft

    Coordinator of Ministries

    Gail Davis

    Dir. of Liturgy/Music

    Paul Yoder

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  • Divine Mercy
    Dear Brothers
    and Sisters in Jesus,
    With a theme of Divine Mercy this Sunday, maybe it is a good idea to ask for your continued support and prayers (and mercy) for the parish.  I have been here long enough to finally make decisions that have angered some people.  I guess this is when they say the honeymoon is over!
    Trust me, I do not stay up late at night looking for ways to make people angry.  Nor am I some kind of scheming priest who has some hidden agenda.  (I'm not that smart.)  I've been a pastor for over 20 years, and I make decisions based on what I think is good stewardship of the parish and the people of God which have been entrusted to me by our Bishop.  Will all my decisions be unanimously perfect?  No, I'm afraid not.  I'm a sinful human being who is doing the best in prayer and discernment as I can.
    I guess I'm counting on people to remember the Fourth Spiritual Work of Mercy - to Bear Wrongs Patiently.  I know some of my decisions will seem to be pointed directly at someone you love and respect and that it has hurt them.  That is never my intent.  If I wrong you, may I ask you to pray for me?  It is obvious that I continue to need the Guidance and Mercy of God.  I pray every day for anyone I may hurt, and I ask God to show them the Mercy which I seem unable to give.
    On the other hand, let me tell you about a great act of Mercy and Love from God, through our Bishop, to our sister parish, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  The Bishop has announced that the new pastor will be Fr. Killian McCaffrey, who will begin on July 1.  I couldn't be happier for St. Elizabeth Seton parish.  I've known Fr. McCaffrey for many years and he is a warm, genuine, and spiritual man.  He is from Ireland, has "the brogue,"  a great sense of humor, a love for the people of God, and a desire to help each and every person live up to their full potential in the eyes of Jesus. 

    He will do great and wonderful things at St. Elizabeth Seton parish, and will probably be so successful that all the parishioners from St. Clement of Rome will change their parish and go join him.  He will be a great spiritual leader here in the Sun City area.
    May God's Divine Mercy always shine through you to the rest of the world.  If we can choose each day to show God's Mercy to others, then we will truly be an instrument of God's love to the world.
    May God continue to bless and prosper your life.
    Fr. Bud

  • Parish Boundaries

    St. Clement of Rome Parish is bounded to the north by Bell Road (between the Agua Fria River and 99th Avenue, and between 91st Ave and the New River) and Greenway Road (between 99th and 91st Avenues), to the east by 99th Avenue (between Bell Road and Greenway Road) and the New River (between Bell Road and Grand Avenue), to the south by Grand Avenue (between the Agua Fria River and the New River), and to the west by the Agua Fria River (between Bell Road and Grand Avenue), and 91st Avenue between Bell Road and Greenway Road).